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Parkview Capital is an investment management group dedicated to working in partnership with families and individuals to tailor a unique financial plan aligned with their values to achieve their financial goals. Together with our clients we craft a strategy aligned with clients’ aspirations and based upon disciplined investment selection and management.

As a portfolio manager and financial advisor for nearly two decades, it has been my privilege to work with clients and be with them on their financial journey, navigating the ups and downs of the markets. I find it very rewarding to offer tailored financial advice and a fresh perspective to meet their needs and to build wealth.

With the financial landscape dynamic and ever-changing, I think individuals deserve options beyond standard off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all offerings. That is why I started Parkview.

It is a wonderful time to be an individual investor. Access to information, the availability of financial analytics and tools, and the low cost of trading has leveled the playing field between individuals and institutions that manage billions. Another exciting development is the ability for investors to implement an investment strategy that considers the business practices of companies with which they invest and how those align with their personal values. However, with the increase in information and the shifting investment environment, having a clear process and disciplined methods have never been more crucial to long-term success.

Partnership guides our process

Parkview provides a hands-on, personal approach to investment selection and portfolio management. Whether you are looking for a financial advisor to manage your full investment portfolio, or for a more focused investment strategy that complements your existing investment plan, I believe we can work together to uncover opportunities, move toward your financial goals, and manage your investments in a manner that is right for you.

David W. Malmgren, CFA

Founder and Principal

Parkview Capital

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